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Around the year 2014, the creators of Delta Beer had their first encounter with craft beer in Romania, one of the few options available at the time. Comparing it to traditional brands found in stores, they were impressed by its unique taste. Opinions among friends were divided - some liked it, others did not...

Craft beer had a profoundly different taste compared to commercial beer, including imports from Germany, Czechia, or Belgium. Thus began the fascination with the IPA style, a true revelation for them, a passion born from the first sip, inspiring them to dedicate themselves to beer production.

As their passion evolved in Romania, they decided to actively engage in this universe. They began to study and learn, their first attempt relying on a recipe found online. They admitted to making some mistakes in the initial process, but this did not deter them. Over time, they perfected their techniques, experimenting with over 30 different recipes.

Thanks to a Facebook group that offered valuable advice and a classic beer recipe, they managed to eliminate the risks of explosion in their production. They followed a specialized course that solidified their knowledge and opened up new horizons. Friends encouraged them to share this passion with others, motivating them to offer their craft beer to enthusiasts.


Today, Delta Beer collaborates with Danubeer (MadLads), proudly presenting a selection of beer created with great passion. Delta Beer is inspired by a special park, an oasis of nature in the middle of Bucharest, where pollution seems to be forgotten (Delta Vacaresti). Here, nature has found the perfect place for people to enjoy pleasant moments outdoors.

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